Homeopathy still-life

Above: Homeopathy still-life. Credit: Bruno Glatsch.

Venn diagram of psychotropic substances

Above: Psychotropic substances venn diagram. Credit: Derek Snider, 2005.

Night television

Above: Night television. Credit: Andrew Weber.

Woman smoking

Above: Young woman smoking. Credit: Ana Paula Lima.


Psychoactive or psychotropic chemical substances that act upon the human central nervous system (affecting perception, mood, etc.) are poised to be replaced by mood-and-perception changes generated and induced by the "electronic drug" of the digital-device-screen. It is already recognized that digital device use can be an addiction and that the screen can be mood-altering. For Virilio, it is a small step, and in fact an inevitable one, that specific mood-altering software products will emerge--hypnagogic-trance-inducing, or pleasure-inducing, digital services that do away with the requirement for any substance whatsoever. There will be no further need for pills, powders, droppers, or hypodermic syringes--dependency will not be on any substance but on the screen itself (DS: 92-93).