HTML code

Above: Visual display showing HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) computer code--the computing language of the world Wide Web. Credit: Ilya Pavlov.


The Internet and in particular the (more than one billion) websites which make up the World Wide Web are a machine for the annihilation of truth--the Internet has caused the detonation of a destructive information bomb, an exploding "weapon of mass destruction of the reality of the facts (CP: 42)." Due to the rise in popularity of the World Wide Web it is not only current events that have become impossible to verify but historical events too. In the epoch of the information age, historicity (historical authenticity) dissolves away revealing a climate in which any historical fact many be challenged and revised--every fact is now actually a contested fact. The factual is reduced to only "the cult of the truth." Historical events are "deterritorialized" floating freely, becoming "mythical and magical (UD: 9)." The effect of the Internet on historicity is not unlike the symptoms of dementia, "what we will see after the amnesia of peoples with no history is the senile dementia of a humanity finally globalized (UD: 4)."

In the information age and the rise to dominance of contextless real-time (the tyranny of the present moment) there is a danger that a people, a social group, and-or an entire State (its culture-and-heritage) may "disappear from memory." And so it follows that a people or group confronted by such a crisis will do what they can to resist such a trauma. If a people-in-crisis remain a topic of the news-media then this is one place where those affected are not yet forgotten, and if they thus take actions that cause them to remain "in the news" then this can often be understood simply as a desperate strategy for survival (DP: 56-57).